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Hello, I'm Jeriel.

To me, every day is Day 1. Celebrate yesterday’s achievements or mourn the losses, but in the morning everything starts afresh. Every day, I wake up and make a conscious decision to put in 100% in whatever I do, because I believe mastery comes from discipline and perseverance.

My best strength and greatest weakness is that I’m comfortable with being outside my comfort zone. I learn fast and experiment a lot. Because of this, I also tend to fail lots, but I pick myself up fast and start again. Work with me if you want a humble, hungry and hands-on professional on your team to bring your vision to reality.


Who are you?
Thanks for visiting my site, I'm Jeriel, a Singaporean currently living in Shanghai, China. I live, breathe and work with tech and startups, and enjoy talking about the finer points on whether AI will steal all our jobs in the near future. (PS. it won't)

What's your why?
I value people over anything else. I believe people are inherently good, but are highly susceptible to doing destructive things. Humanity is a difficult, complex and highly erratic subject matter, but it is also something that deserves to be celebrated and nurtured in the right way.

With my life, I want to be people-focussed and serve them primarily to fulfil their basic needs, such as education, food, a clean environment and in this current age, technology.

As I embark on my projects I always keep this big purpose in front of me, and keep asking myself: does this help improve someone's life and help them to live better?

Why China?
China is changing, and in an incredibly fast and positive way. The technology used here will greatly impact how humanity lives in the next coming 50 to 100 years. What is commonplace in China is often not present in other parts of the world. China is not perfect. However, in terms of technology, the Chinese mentality, market and current technological advancements is set to dominate and dictate how other societies will see the future. I want to be there to understand and help others embrace this future as well.

Tell me something interesting about you.
My first encounter with entrepreneurship was when I was nine years old. Back then, the boys were crazy over pop-up model plane kits (check out examples below) sold in the local bookshop in the school, and some models were rarer than most. During our breaks, we would gather and imagine ourselves as pilots in crazy and impossible scenarios at war. I loved them too, because firstly I enjoyed playing with them with my friends, and secondly I LOVE PLANES!

I used to spend all my pocket money on those kits, and bought the rarer ones as soon as they came out. Soon, my friends couldn't find the models they wanted and started buying these models from me instead. For my efforts, I would charge them a little more than what the bookshop sold. Back in the 90s, i would make about 3 or 4 dollars from these little sales exchanges per week. That was a lot for a nine year old boy who just wanted noodles and chicken wings for lunch!

Ultimately mum found out about it, and put an end to my litte business because other boys were spending too much money on my planes instead of proper food during the break. This memory always brings back a chuckle and I smile everytime I remember how I started up without knowing it!


TechNode is an innovation platform that serves to bridge the Chinese tech ecosystem with the world.

At TechNode, I manage global partnerships and business development. On an average day, you'll probably find me running around to meetings with clients, understanding their needs and explaining how China works. In between, I'll probably be on my computer doing up a PPT or talking to one of my colleagues how best to align our products with the needs of the client.

Occasionally, I'll be penning my thoughts and observations about China's tech and startup scene on the website. You can find the articles I've written on the articles tab above. I have great optimism for what is in store for China and technology in the coming decade.

Don't take it from me, hear it from others

My current projects

20% success, 80% failure, every one of them 100% crazy

Freelance work: Press Releases and content writing.

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